Monday, November 17, 2008

November 15... C S-plendid.

Today I went to the

2nd Monthly SLC CouchSurfing Stammtisch!!!!

It was absolutely fantastic! We all met in a pub called Desert's Edge in Trolley Square. I was a bit unsure of how things would go at first... but suddenly I looked around and the entire table was full. It was such an eye-opener to look at all the different kinds of people at that table, and ponder what crazy circumstances brought them to the CS world. I like to think it's the common interest of traveling, gaining new experiences, and helping others acheive that same goal.
Halfway through the dinner. we all switched places and got to meet other people, and I met a lot of really awesome ones. A guy from Spain, an american girl from Norway, a couple visiting America for 3 months from Belgium, friends from High School, a man who designed his own line of outdoor shoes, a guy who backpacked alone for three months across the western U.S., a girl from Rhode Island who kite surfs (I didn't even know what that was before....), and of course, the awesome Ambassador of Logan's CS network... Anthony. It was really laid-back and awesome.

Afterwords, we took to the streets of Salt Lake to go to Boing, a house that has live shows with crappy bands and even crappier (or scary) food... it was a new thing that was definitely sketchy.