Thursday, May 29, 2008

May 29... Sophisticated Mama

Today I got off work early, and decided to go shopping with Kate and my mother. All was going well, and we were getting things ready for our trip to Mexico. My mom has been having a hard time finding clothes for herself in the past few years... I think she has given up on her image and is extremely unhappy. So, Kate and I decided to take her and surprise her by going shopping for HER. At first she denied, but after some serious coaxing, we got her to go in Torrid with us and start shopping. And it was hard, but we found some really nice stuff. I just hope she wears it! She is such a beautiful person on the inside, and she hides behind her different colored t-shirts and polos with stains. I want my mom to look and feel beautiful, and while she is in the inbetween stages, we were hoping these clothes would bring her out of her shell.

Plus, Kate and I got a kick out of being "pretend Stacy and Clinton" (from "What Not To Wear")... telling her that "this accentuated her thinnest part of her waistline", or the pieces went well together, etc... It was a pretty good time, after we forced my mom to deal with it. And she will look so great! I know it. She is a sophisticated mama :)

May 28... I Pity The Fool

Today's new thing was introduced to me by Abbie on another blase day at the C Dub. She let it slip that she "pitied the fool" who filled cartridges... and with my blank stare, she realized that I had never heard of the A-Team, or Mr. T for that matter. So she introduced me. A few youtube videos later, we were rolling on the ground laughing. Ahh, I pity the fool who doesn't know who Mr. T is.

Also, I went on a rampage at the library buying every classical cd I could think of. I got some awesome ones, including new Brahms quartets, Shostakovich, and the Brandenburg Concertos (Yes, all of them. And more.) I can't help it, Josh brought on the itch, and now I can't get enough of this music. Plus those Harpsichord concertos remind me of sneaky old people. Haha.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 27... Big Rollin'

Since Josh left this morning for Brazil, my heart wasn't really into my new-thing-a-day. However, with help from my awesome sister Kate, I decided to try to raise my spirits by...

Sticking my foot out the window. Not a big deal, right?

BIG DEAL. I am probably the least flexible person I know... not only that, but I was driving the vehicle. Sometimes depression on the verge of insaine will drive you to do things you normally wouldn't. Just sayin.

Oh, and I wore my cowgirl hat for the first time in public. Walking with Kate and Zoey to the park and back. And some 9 year old boys yelled at me that I was a hottie and they wanted to kiss me. I didn't realize cowgirl style was attractive to elementary kids... Haha.

May 26... Goodbye Josh

Today's new thing was seeing Josh for the last time before he got set apart. I watched Monsterquest, a Lohner family favorite, and spent most of the night moping. Hey, I can do that, right? But seriously, besides working, I need distraction. Please, any of you, if you aren't busy, feel free to save me from loneliness.

Oh, I gave him my gift... the most awesomely cool notebook ever. My cousin Julianne helped me make it and it turned out so so great. Thanks so much girl! If you guys want to check out more, or are interested in maybe having her make something for you, her link is on the right side of my blog under Julianne's name. Check her blog out, her stuff is AMAZING. (P.S. that is the picture of us in the Ensign!! Page 10. For reals.)

May 25... Scoot

Today my family went to the park to hang out, and I got to ride our electric scooter for the first time. It was pretty cool I guess, it was fast and loud... and special. I also drove to Josh's to hang out one-on-one for the last time and we watched King Kong in Splendid Black and White.

It was actually pretty close to the new movie... except the awkward or outdated jokes. I think I also topped the charts today in sqweenchies... the most I've ever felt up to date. I love that guy so much, he makes me the happiest I've ever been.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 24... Utah Symphony

Though I have been to see the Utah Symphony as a child before, I have never been to see it as a mature adult. Josh, Lissa, and I took the trip to Salt Lake to see them. It was beautiful as to be expected... they played the 3 Cornered Hat, Beethoven's first concerto in C Major, and Prokofiev Symphony #5.

I loved them all... the 3 Cornered Hat was very spanish and grand. Beethoven's concerto was played beautifully on the piano, and I loved the 3rd movement especially. And the Prokofiev was unlike anything I've ever heard before. I haven't had as much symphony background as piano, so I am always excited to hear something new.

And it was so beautiful. Each movement was so different and it was so perfect to me how they all fit together. The first movement alone built up and ended huge, and I had to seriously resist the urge to just start clapping like a crazy girl. You can really feel how he captures the human struggle and heart in his music, contrasting with the war and the gruesomeness of it all. Prokofiev wrote some pretty awesome stuff. Dude.

May 23... Crepe de la Fancy?

Today was another one of those days. I spent most of it at work, and what I didn't, I spent at home. At around 10:00 PM, Kate decided to make crepes for whatever family was left. I was texting Elise Best, my most awesome-est cousin, and we decided to ask if she would like to join us for dinner. We called her up, and she readily said yes. We got very excited, because we simply love the Bests to death! In our excitement, we started getting prepared, and before we knew it, the table was completely decked out.... we're talking doileys, goblets, dim lights and classical music, folded napkins (I learned how to fold my first napkin!) ... the works. Ahh... my first Candlelight Crepe Dinner. It was a pretty magical time, and we ended it by settling down and watching the amazing classic Pocahontas and getting toilet papered. No better way to spend a Friday Night.

May 22... Wasabi

This Thursday was sushi day for Abbey and I at CDub Midvale. We were hungry and in need of some sushi goodness, so I sent her to pick up the goods. And it was delicious! She ordered some California Rolls, and also some Miso Soup. I had definitely never had Miso Soup before... it was pretty much just broth with some seaweed and tofu floating around. Haha! But it was pretty good. I also checked a new thing off the list as we ate... I was introduced by Abbey to MST3K. You may be wondering what that is? Well i will tell you.

Mystery Science Theater 3000.

It is about some people and robots, and they watch old movies and comment on them. It is so hilarious. If that doesn't catch your attention, go and youtube a MST3k... I highly recommend the one about Santa Claus Conquers The Martians (because I have seen the original movie and it is the bomb...) I know Lindsey was trying to tell me once how to put a youtube video on my page, but I can't remember, so here is the link. Maybe you could remind me girl? I need to become more blog literate. Anyways. Watch this video.

Also done today: I watched Cailie's orchestra for the first time. As part of her Miss Lehi pageant last year, she had to do a platform. Part of her platform consisted of creating an orchestra for kids in her area. And now, a year later, it has grown from 5 kids to over 30! It was so cute to see them, they played some cute numbers and did a pretty decent job. Jim is the orchestra conductor, so I got to meet him for the first time. We'll call it... interesting.

Afterwards, we ate at Cailie's house, and I had spaghetti with shrimp for the first time. That was also pretty delicious! And I got to work out with her and her mom, and see all her pageant stuff. It was a pretty sweet awesome day!

May 21... Extreme Boredom.

Today's new thing was creating a paper robot from Since I had nothing to do after work, I decided to take it upon myself to try my robot making skills. I made optimus prime, because he was supposed to morph into a truck.

Needless to say, he took me four hours to make. He was so little and complicated. I was slow but determined to finish him. I can't believe how much time it took me. But hey, now I have a paper robot...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May 20... Namasdai

Today's new thing was taking a my first Fusion class. This is a mix of yoga and pilates that goes for an hour. It was totally awesome! Kate and I got there a bit late so we rushed in, but they didn't mind. I loved the class! It's with other people, so you feel like you have to keep going and not give in. It was hard to keep my balance in some of the poses, but I feel like I can really improve my stretching through this class. Plus the pilate stomach section totally killed me, in a good way. I'm excited for next week!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

March 19... Coming to you from the Middle East...

is not terrorism, but hummus!

That's right, today I dipped my first rice cracker into a nice scoop of hummus. And I say, not what I was imagining. Maybe because I was thinking it was haggis or something. But hey, for all y'all who haven't tried it, you maybe should. Cause it's pretty tasty, and probably fairly healthy. And for those of you who don't know what hummus is, from Wikipedia itself:

Hummus is a dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas, blended with tahini, lemon juice, salt and garlic.

Mmm mmm good.

Monday, May 19, 2008

May 18... "Music is what Feelings sound like."

Yes, today was Josh's farewell. And it was a great day... I only cried a few times :)

So I guess I did a lot of firsts. Driving to Provo for a farewell was definitely a first. I also hung out with the Lohners and had such a good time. I walked Annie (with them) for the first time, saw Monster Quest on youtube for the first time (Gigantopithicus!!!) made a huge brownie hill (complete with a Brazilian flag and marshmallow-size Josh) with Tirra, and snapped beans for the first time! :)

Plus Josh gave a recital tonight, which was absolutely amazing. Words can't describe how beautiful and pure his music was, how mature and talented he is when it comes to his music, how lucky I felt to even be a part of it in some way. He is such an amazing person, and I really look up to him a lot for his example of dedication, and passion for things that are important in his life. I feel so blessed that I would even get to spend time with this guy, he is SO AMAZING! Sqweenchies!

May 17... His bark is worse than his bite?

Of all the dumbest game shows on TV these days, I have found the cream of the crop. This is totally the lamest thing I've ever seen on tv. After hanging around for a few hours with my little sister, we decided to watch some tv. She then showed me the latest in the animal planet world- a reality tv game show called

"Groomer Has It".
I am sorry if you actually enjoy watching it. If so, you may want to skip this entry.

I think it is so hilarious that people actually would watch such a show. When I watched it, there were a bunch of contestants, all competing for the fastest time. They had to perform CPR, bandage a head, and the arms of a canine.

The only problem was that the dog wasn't real. They used fake stuffed dogs to perform their stunts on. However, they had to handle them gently so as to make it as realistic as possible. Now, I don't know what you guys consider fun, but watching a bunch of people trying to be hard core groomers of stuffed animals? And then stay in the same hotel room and make up some drama? ("I didn't come here to make friends, I came here to win"... wow, what are you planning on winning buddy? Landing a job in the beanie baby section?)

I'll pass. Think I'll watch some Human Tetris instead... watching Japanese people squeeze through a foam cut out is SO much more entertaining. :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16... Shuga shuga

Today's new thing was working at

Cartridge World in Sugarhouse!
My boss just recently opened a store there... way out there. About 2100 south out there. But I love it there, the store is nice and new, and it's hardly ever busy. Beau will probably have me switching it up between the two, but it looks like I'll be working there a lot in the future. New things include getting set up in the system (with my own password and ID!! My nickname is C Dog) I also used the website Pandora for the first time to set up my own radio station (When you're the only one working the front, you get to pretty much do whatever you want!) I put in Jason Mraz, and Bob Marley for the other. Pandora is the So is C Dub Shuga. I can't believe I just called it that.

May 15... PT!

Today I took advantage of that gym pass by scheduling my first meeting with a personal trainer. How cool does that sound?! I felt like a celebrity.

Her name was Christina, but when I showed up she had left, so I was with Spencer. This guy was pretty funny. He had bleached tipped hair and a strange personality. But he was very helpful. We did a few tests... checked my heart rate (cardio), with my flexibility and muscle strength. The results came in, and I actually didn't do too bad.

I was in the fair category for my cardio, average in strength, poor in flexibility (haha, that's always been the case), and 19.8% body fat. My body age is about 20, and if I improve in all these things, it will bring it down to that of about an 18 year old. So I'm really not doing too bad!

I set a few goals to get better in these categories, and it's actually been kind of inspiring. He said he doesn't really offer PT sessions with anyone unless they are super dedicated and serious, so I told him I guess I'd just meet with him again before the summer is over. But how cool is that... meeting with a personal trainer. I feel so dang special :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14... FINALLY

After years of wanting and needing, today I took my first step to changing my life by

buying my first real membership to a gym.

Along with my sister Kate, I will now be attending Lifetime Fitness- where I will eventually meet with a nutritionist and personal trainer, and take pilates and yoga classes. Not only that, but I will have full access to all the equipment and sports courts... Life don't get any better than this, baby. I am gonna have one hot bod by the end of the summer.

March 12... Helps 85% of snorers out there!

This thing was attempted in the late hours of the night. For many of you, you know that I battle with a large problem of snoring. This is why Breathe Right is the product for me. You just stick this little guy over your nose, and viola! like magic- the snoring is gone.

Well.... I don't really have a big problem of snoring, but my grandpa gave me one to try anyways. So I put on thestrip. It was quite a rush... it pulled my nose apart so I could actually breathe better. I had a long night of restful sleep, but didn't really find out if it worked or not... I just looked kinda silly.

May 11... Dukes of Hazzard? ...not quite.

... you can't knock it till you try it. Today's new thing was inspired from both Dukes of Hazzard and my lovely aunt Jenelle. We were bored, as we usually are, at my grandmother's house. It all happened so fast. One minute, we were outside in the front yard. The idea was brought up to slide across my grandma's car just like the movie... And, after a few minutes' consideration, I decided to try it. I modified it a bit- instead of going across on my bum, I tried it face first.

However, I failed miserably, as did she. Alas, my grandma's car was a bit too dusty, and apparently, not slippery enough. I got a few inches before I was stuck. I don't know if it was more disturbing that I entertained this idea, or that I attempted it on the hood of my grandma's car. Oh well, no harm or damage done, just the feeling of deception. The movies are a big fat lie.

May 10... Non ti fidar

Today's new thing was definitely one of my favorites. Josh invited me to go to the opening night of Mozart's Don Giovanni, ... yes, it's true. An opera.

And it was amazing! So so so beautiful. Mozart's music was so interesting to listen to, from the little motives, to the way it fit to the opera itself. He is such an amazing composer! Also, the storyline and plot was very entertaining, and I thought the singing was superb. Plus, the company was absolutely amazing, Josh tickled my arm for pretty much the whole time :) I love that boy.

If you want to see an opera, I highly recommend this one!

(Also done today, we tried to give a pizza to a bum. But he didn't take it! Guess they don't need food...?)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 9... Plethorization

Ok, I didn't really do that many new things today. In fact, most of today consisted of being stuck at home from 12:00 to 8:00 p.m. while some stranger men put in new countertops. However, I did a few new things that were pretty lame.

-I now own my first cloud pants. That's right!!! They are hand-me-downs from Ashley, and they are silky smooth. I love my new cloud pants!
-I went for the longest timed run I've ever been on... it was only 50 minutes, but that was non-stop up and down hills. It's a big deal for me, ok?
-I went swimming in the downtown Radisson Hotel for the first time. Let's not forget that my mom didn't answer her phone like usual, so I was driving through SLC for over an hour trying to find it...

That's about it. Boring day, boring blog. Hopefully tomorrow brings some adventurous (in a good way) things! Till tomorrow folks!

Friday, May 9, 2008

May 8... Bangs!

Since I went to college, I have learned a few valuable things... namely how to be stylish, or attempt it to say the least. Today I made it a step closer by conforming and cutting bangs! (The hair kind, not the gun kind) And I love them! The girl that cut them said I looked "Sultry", and I don't know if I'd go that far, but I definitely like them. Except when they get in the way of my eyes while I'm trying to see! I guess it will take some getting used to. I will post pictures when my mom gives my camera back!

May 7... Berry Good?

Today, while poking through the fridge with my sister, we found a strange purple bottle. While examining at a closer level, we discovered that it was in fact a new kind of beverage. It's called BomDia, and this particular flavor was acai berry with pomegranate. And it sort of tasted good... after you got over the tangy-ness of it...

Ok, not really. It was mostly just really really jarring in flavor. That's ok. It's supposed to be some Brazilian drink that's all natural and high in antioxidants or something. So at least I'm bein healthy, eh?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 6... Salty Sweet


For both of our new things, Josh and I decided to rent a crazy canoe from BYU, strap it to his van, and Canoe on the Great Salt Lake!!! Dude. So awesome.

Though I was afriad the van would explode canoes, it actually held quite well, except for the strap and Josh melted on the exhaust :) We were in business. We drove down there and unloaded our snacks (which were cookies, bananas, vanilla wafers, and a sobe) and paddled out from the marina. It was breathtaking! The lake was glassy smooth, so bright that you couldn't tell where the lake ended and sky began. Until you looked into the actual lake... the water was pretty green. And man alive, was it salty! Every splash left behind a little drop of white crusty salt. We rowed for quite a while, enjoying the peacefulness of it all, the flocks of birds, and the ships in the distance. I have never felt such a degree of peace around me... the beautiful silence filled my heart to the brim with love and happiness. We took a little snack break to enjoy the scene around us and take it all in, write a haiku, and we cuddled in the canoe for a while. It was so perfect and so sweet.

When we got up, the sunset was just beginning, so we had to paddle back. But the view was absolutely amazing. The clouds were reflected in the water, so it appeared as though we were canoeing above the clouds in the sky. The clouds turned pink and the lake absorbed all the color from the sky above it. For those of you who know my obsession with clouds and sunsets, you understand my fascination. It literally left me speechless.

What a perfect sunset, perfect boy, and perfect day. My heart is so happy :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 5... Cinco De Mayo

Today's new thing was brought to you by our Mexican server Pablo. For Cinco De Mayo (or just as a trick of my sister Kate's to get us out to eat lunch), we ate at an authentic Mexican placed called Los Costas. It was pretty packed... NOT. It was completely empty except for us. So we were having a good time... my mom kept telling us that the waiter was flirting at her with his eyes, and we were laughing at the music. We also went around and said our favorite "Mexican of the year". Mine was Jose, who works for my dad. My new thing was ordering a spinach and mushroom enchilada. And don't think that it was good, cause it totally wasn't. Spinach goes good in salads. Not mexican food. We also tried Xango, which was a delicious cooked cheesecake dessert. Oh, and don't let me forget, me and Kate tried to dance in the aisle of the restraunt. It was really really funny. And to top off the celebration, I improvised a poem.

Crossing the border
From up above
Here is a mexican
For us to love.

I am so racist. Someone lock me up.

May 4... Hangin out at Dick's

Today's new thing was watching Josh in concert. Well, sort of. His grandpa Dick was having a party at his house, and decided to invite lots and lots of people. So Josh played a program on the violin for them all! He must have been a bit scared, but he pulled it off very well. He played a lot of really great pieces and did a really fantastic job! Every time I hear him I am amazed at his talent and beautiful playing... he is truly incredible! I am so proud of him.

Also done today: I got dared by Lissa to lick his music stand. So I totally did. It was pretty gross.

Some other little things: I painted his mom's fingernails for the first time... I went into his treehouse for the first time, met grandpa super dick for the first time, and watched a Bartok quartet for the first time. Not a bad day for new things, eh?

May 3... Just Floatin Around

Today's new thing. Incredible.

The picture says a thousand words. I rode in a HOT AIR BALLOON.

My amazing friend Richie is always keepin his options open for new things for me to try, and he asked me to go about a month ago. It was an incredibly nice thing for him to invite me out, and I was more than happy to oblige :) We left at the crack of dawn (about 5:30) to Park City, where our crew drove us to our take-off areas. There was Will, who was from Austria... and a woman and man (I can't remember their names but they were really friendly!) The weather was really excellent; we picked a super awesome day to do this! They let go of a little balloon to see the pattern of the winds, and we finally settled on a nice place next to a mountain. There were three other balloons taking off as we got there, so we got to watch them float away!!! It was positively amazing. Then we helped with our crew to get our balloon up and running, they fill it full of air with a giant fan at first, and then use the burner to get it right side up. Then we all get in, and slowly lift off. It is incredible! Plus our balloon was the prettiest... green and blue.

Once we were up in the air, things were just like a dream. It was so peaceful and quiet up there. Nothing but the beautiful scene below, and the sound of the wind and the burner on occasion. The view underneath and all around us was incredible. The earth is such a naturally beautiful place. The rivers and mountains below looked so little yet defining...

It was definitely interesting to see the places where houses were built. Looking at those structured houses sitting on top of these square yards really made me think about life. We live in these things, these little boxes, we drive these little cars, and we think humanity is the greatest. Sometimes I think we need to get out, see from a different perspective, to truly realize the beauty of life. The simplicity of it all. The earth is beautiful, and we need to remember to keep it that way. We need to remember that life is not about those squares we call yards, the money we make. Life is about hot air balloon rides. Haha that probably makes no sense, but I sort of had a revelation while floating above that beautiful earth.

Anyways. We floated for a long time, but eventually had to come down. Our flyer, Will, landed us right next to another balloon on an elementary school field. It was perfect, fairly smooth, and totally awesome. A big thanks to Richie for holding me as we hit the ground, because I would have flown right off and hit the pilot! Haha! Afterwards, we packed up the balloon (it all fit in a bad about 2 feet by 2 feet!) and got ready to go. We got out the apple cider bubbly, and toasted to an awesome flight. A beautiful prayer was quoted by Will:

"The winds have welcomed you with softness,
The sun has greeted you with it's warm hands,
You have flown so high and so well,
That God has joined you in laughter,
And set you back gently into
The loving arms of Mother Earth."

Mmmmm... How do I get so lucky? I left my heart in a hot air balloon.

It was really great being with Richie after all this time, a big THANK YOU for making this awesome thing possible!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 2... Goodbye Logan!

Today was a very bittersweet day. After an entire school year at Utah State, I had to pack up all my belongings and bid adeiu to the place I have called home. I left my heart in Logan! Jones Hall... I'll always have a fond place in my soul for that little place.

Some new things I did today:

Moved out of my apartment.
Carried my fish into the dairy in a mason jar.
Did gorilla art with my little sisters.
Slept on my makeshift mattress for the first time.

I have had a great school year for sure, and I'm ready for a super warm and fun summer! I look forward for many new-thing-a-days to come!!!! :)

May 1... Bill

Today's new thing was meeting Bill.

My dad came to Logan to help me move my stuff, and when he walked in, I noticed he had a friend with him. My dad introduced him as Bill, and then proceeded to tell us that he paid Bill a $2 bill to come help us move. I then asked my dad if he had previously known Bill. He replied in the negative. Bill laughed and smiled and said, "Should we start gettin to work?"

That's when it hit me. My dad picked up a stranger from the Salt Lake Valley to help him come move. My dad brought in a real live hobo to Jones Hall to relocate my belongings.

Don't get me wrong, Bill was a character. He was probably in his mid 30s, slacks and a sweatshirt, sunglass tan... He was laughing and cracking jokes and having a good old time. He even played the piano for us and lost my dad in an intense game of pool. I actually really enjoyed Bill.

But trust my dad to pick up a stranger and give him a ride all the way to Logan for a $2 bill. Life is CRAZY.

Friday, May 2, 2008

April 30... Grrrowl

Today I spent most of the day packing away my things. I probably did something cooler after that, but I don't really remember... what I do remember was letting Ashley poof my hair. And I'm talking SERIOUS poof. Like... "I have a whole bottle of hairspray and a comb and I'm giving you permission... Go." I looked like a lion in the beginning stages, but she ended up making a pretty cute hairstyle out of it. But man alive, I don't know how girls can do it on a daily basis...