Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 14... Funny Thing Is...

First of all- I formally apologize for not keeping up with others' blogs... as you can see, it's been a struggle lately for me to keep my own updated. I am fairly confident that as school starts, I will actually have more internet access, therefore bringing on increased spurts of blogging/blogger stalking. That is all at this point in time. I am tired.

Because I have been tired and somewhat lazy, I have not been doing monumental new things. Not that it matters, a new thing is a new thing. And today's new thing was using a "Sipahh" straw in my glass of milk. That's right, no need to buy chocolate milk from the store! *Or in Spencers' case, the vending machines!* You can just plop that lil' guy right inside and sip away. It's not as delicious, but definitely an interesting new twist on a simple beverage. (Random thought I read on the box: Kids would have to eat seven cups of broccoli, six cups of red beans or five whole oranges to match the calcium in just one glass of milk!) Say hello to those beautiful shiny teeth and healthy bones! I most certainly do not want to eat seven cups of broccoli.

And also completely unrelated but new: I read an entire book in the library. Ok Ok... so it was Ellen Degeneres' book The Funny Thing Is... and everything in it was completely scrambled, but it was absolutely hilarious. I will let the description inside the cover explain:

Along with her trademark ramblings, The Funny Thing Is...contains hundreds of succinct insights into her psyche, supplemented by easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and diagrams so that you'll never miss a joke. Overseeing all aspects of production, DeGeneres labored over details both significant and insignificant, including typefaces, page number placement, and which of the thousands of world languages to use. Ultimately she selected English, as it's her mother tongue, but translations into Hindi and Pig Latin are already in the works. DeGeneres takes an innovative approach to the organization of her book by utilizing a section in the beginning that includes the name of each chapter, along with a corresponding page number. She calls it the ""Table of Contents,"" and she is confident that it will become the standard to which all books in the future will aspire. Some of the other innovative features you'll find in this edition: . More than 50,000 simple, short words arranged in sentences that form paragraphs. . Thousands of observations on everyday life -- from terrible fashion trends to how to handle seating arrangements for a Sunday brunch with Paula Abdul, Diane Sawyer, and Eminem. . All twenty-six letters of the alphabet. Sure to make you laugh, The Funny Thing an indispensable reference for anyone who knows how to read or wants to fool people into thinking they do.