Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September 16... Delicious Couch

Though change is necessary, sometimes it can be both unexpected and undesired. Such is the case with the Delicious Couch..... (19??-2008). *Nicknamed in Fall Semester 2007 becuase I was hungry enough to eat the stuffing inside*

This couch has served the hungry/tired/lonely (take that any way you want to) people of the FA building as long as anyone can remember. I myself have spent many a nap on those smooshy brown cushions, and spilled my share of food as well. (Don't worry... 5 second rule still applies) Just kidding!... Sorta.

You can imagine the shock and horror of the piano majors when we arrived this year to find not only the delicious couch, but every piece of furniture GONE. Gone, gone. I reiterate. Gone. We found ourselves in an awkward position... forced to deal with the hurried seperation and anxious await of new furniture. Today, that new furniture finally came.

But there was yet another surprise. Stephanie Engle had discovered in passing the orchestra loading dock, all of the old furniture that once graced these hallowed halls... ABOUT TO BE THROWN OUT!!!
So we stole the couch.

Dude. It was exhilirating. We picked it up, got spotted by an old man, and somehow still got away with it. We hid it behind the brick wall until we can find it a place in the UR building. I'm just excited that a piece of history could be preserved this day. Thank you delicious couch, for serving us so diligently all these years. It's the least we can do :)


Lindzena said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... wow this post was a great way to start my day. Good job saving the couch! I remember that one. I first chilled on in at EFY in summer of ought'6. I commend you for your efforts dear.