Friday, September 26, 2008

September 25... Highlights

Tonight was a very lucky experience- one in which I, along with my fellow piano nerd friends, got to eat dinner at the Hubbard's. You may ask yourself why this means anything exciting. Well, Mr. Hubbard took from Professor Amano years ago, and went on to travel while doing Piano Performance. He moved to Logan later, settled down, and now takes his prodigy children to USU to be taught piano from Prof. Amano as well. Every year, he has an annual get-together dinner at his lovely home for the piano majors, and we have the opportunity to play on his Steinway. And man alive, his house is amazing. On the top of the mountain outlooking the valley, two beautiful Steinways, soft carpet and couches, and luxurious rooms. I was in awe. We got to eat catered food (the dessert was creme brulle, if that tells you anything) and it was cool to listen to the people I rub shoulders with, playing Scriabin and Liszt and Chopin, and making it look like child's play. I also should count playing on that Steinway, but I didn't actually play a peice... But I did play a C Major chord... :)

Then after this (I know, it gets better) I joined my friend Pete for a crazy longboard adventure. That's right, folks, I LONGBOARDED. Halfway down the church parking lot. (I got scared to go any faster...) See, here's a picture to prove it!

Other new things include: Driving through campus (meaning on the sidewalks), driving in neutral down 1000 north, finding the USU ampitheater, and the secret USU weed-smoking hideout.

I returned home, only to find Jess sprawled out on the floor, a blacklight on the couch, electronic music in the background, and Melissa/Amanda scribbling all over his back with highlighters. Yes, it is a Highlighter Party I speak of. So I signed my name on the wall, signed my name on his back, and joined in on the fun. Highlighter parties are just too much fun to pass up. As was this night! A big thank you to all my supportive friends who give me good ideas and help me out with new things. You guys make it all possible! :) You know who you are.