Saturday, January 3, 2009


That's right folks, I did it! 365 New Things for 2008.

How did I spend my last day doing new things?

Under the stars, being one with nature, with those I loved. I couldn't have asked for a better way to thank God for all the blessings I have! For all the incredible experiences, laughs and magical moments I've been able to enjoy. For those I love most, who helped me along the way and supported me through everything.

That's right, dudes. I spent my new years laying in a field in southern utah, with nothing to see but millions upon billions of stars... and I could've sworn they were shining for me.

This is the last picture I took in 2008, of me huddling under a sleeping bag (giving Elise and Thom some "alone time"... snicker snicker...)

And don't think for one second that I'm done doing new things... the only difference between 2008 and 2009 is that there are 365 more opportunities to experience!!!!!!

I'm out, dudes. I got a world to explore.


Jenelle said...

Way to go Cortni! That's pretty cool that you did something new everyday. And then blogged about it. You're pretty awesome.

There's this new thing I heard about called Project 365 where you take a picture everyday to catalog your life in pictures. Just an idea for you since you are so adventurous and awesome. =)

Lindzena said...

Congrats Cortni darlin! It's so crazy to think that I've known you for all 365 of those days. Way to go! Love you!