Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 13...That's Handy

In light of today's snowstorm, Kate and I went out for a walk with our dog Zoey. I decided to bring along some handwarmers, in case my hands (as they often do) became chilly. And we set out for a lovely walk amongst the snow.

Unfortunately, the handwarmers did not warm up. I have only used them once before, while snowboarding, and I could never get them to work. So, after complaining to Kate repeatedly, she took matters in to her own hands. She discovered, upon deeper questioning, that I had no idea how to utilize them. She then proceeded to teach me how to use handwarmers. The problem was, I hadn't taken them them out of the outside protective package. Needless to say, I was completely embarassed. But, swallowing my pride, I let her open my bag for me, and my fingers were soon as warm as they could be.

Also, on a completely random tangent: We went inside Guitar Center for the first time. This is definitely worth the title of a new thing, and you probably won't understand why unless you've been there.