Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 2... Happy Birthday To Me

The accomplices.

Well folks, here it is, the BIG TWENTEEN. That's right, Twenteen. 20 years later and I'm still not ready to grow up. However, I did earn some amazing friends along the way. This blog entry goes out to...

Melissa Martinson.
Pete Smithsuth.
Kate Crump.
and Cailie Ercanbrack.

who made my birthday full of surprises and adventure!

In case you all didn't know, I am one for surprises. I love that look on someone's face when they get something completely unexpected and thoughtful. Today I was completely shocked to find that my friends had gone behind my back and plotted some fantastic things... which I had no idea about. Not even an inkling.
It started out at midnight, with receiving my first ever bouquet of lilies. I love these flowers more than practically any gift anyone could give me, and they are positively beautiful.

Then, around 3:00 AM, I woke up (it took a while) to someone (Pete) putting a blindfold around my eyes and carrying me to a car. That's right... I was "Cort"napped. I was a bit scared when I heard someone yell "Shut up, or I'll cap you!" until I realized that it was Melissa, pretending to be a criminal. I started laughing and tried to talk, but they kept telling me to get some sleep. After driving for about half an hour, we stopped and they led me out of the car. Taking off the blindfold, I beheld in front of me, the most magnificent Gorilla Art in the world... full of inside jokes and beautiful memories. Pete told me to look around, and I was very confused until I took a step backwards and realized... we were at Midway. The little gift shop/restraunt/mystery house in the middle of Sardine canyon. I had planned to visit this little place as a new thing for months now, and here I was, standing right in front of the little Open/Closed sign. I returned to the original spot, to find that they had more in store for me... they wanted me to nail up the gorilla art. So I drove that first nail into that telephone pole, and MAN ALIVE it felt so great. I hope it is still there!!!
Unfortunately, the story disappears in the drudgery of college life... fast forward to 6:45. I walk into my apartment to find a very large and mysterious box sitting in my living room. I remember Cailie saying she was going to send me a package, and sure enough, her name was on the address. After looking at the sticker "Over 70 pounds" and muttering "What the heck did Cailie get me?" I opened it, and....
OUT POPPED CAILIE! I have never gotten a package with a human in it before. Let alone a small human with raptor claws and packing peanuts. It was such a great surprise! We knocked off another new thing by seeing Benton Paul at Why Sound, a little venue in Logan I had no idea existed. Thanks to Cailie, Pete, Melissa, and everyone else, my birthday turned out to be an unbelievable day.
Also: Thanks to my sister Kate, who called me at twelve and is the best sister ever.