Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 25... Twist and Shout!

Today I babysat my friend Tanya's little boy Dominic. He was a very cute baby, and fairly well-behaved. However, this reminded me how ill-qualified I am to raise one at this point in my life. I did something new today: I changed a boy's diaper. Can you believe, I'm 19 and have never changed a baby boy's diaper? It was terrifying. My mom got a kick out of coaching me though... ("You better hurry or he might pee on you! Wait! Put down the new one before you take off the old one! Now wipe! WIPE!") Luckily, I had a fun evening ahead of me to keep me from losing it.

Steve picked me up in his 1955 Ford Thunderbird. I got to ride in a shiny red T Bird! Oh my gosh. It was amazing- we went topless, with the breeze blowing and the oldies radio playing. And people just stared and ate their hearts out. It was a glorious moment in my life. I wore Steve's hat so my hair wouldn't fly off of my head!

We drove to Park City to see the Classical Mystery Tour. It was amazing. There is nothing better than the Beatles with the Utah Symphony. I just wish it was the real Beatles... But no matter, the tribute band was pretty legit, with their accents and outfits. The only bad thing was that it started raining right as we got there, and didn't let off until the end half after the intermission. But it was kind of fun hunkering down underneath our blankets like homeless people. Ahhh... the Beatles are deliciously awesome. It was a bomb concert.