Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 3... Domo Arigato

...Mr. Roboto!

I decided that with the plethora of cardboard at Cartridge World, I would make me something special today. So, I looked online and found instructions to making a cardboard robotic hand. And it was a lot of fun! (It was either that, or a solar oven, and I've already made one of those...) I had to steal about 15 straws from Dees, but it went pretty smoothly. And here it is! It doesn't quite grab things because it's a bit flimsy with the tape I used, but you get the idea. I now have my own personal claw! Awesome!

Watch it in action!

Also done today: I went to Mexico again... actually, it was West Valley/South Salt Lake. To a Gen-X. And it was freakin hilarious... they had Eminem playing, and the girl couldn't understand me at all. I bought some cute stuff, and on the way out, I spotted a taco stand in the parking lot. So I decided, What the heck, why not? I am in the environment, I might as well. So, as a dedication to the area, I bought my first taco from a taco stand. It was a dollar, and it was pretty much steak on top of a tortilla. And boy was it worth my dollar! Delicoius.