Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 12... Having Fun.. Arizona Style!

Today was full of lots of super awesome things. We went boating (tubing, to be more specific) in a lake with cactuses all around us :) (Too bad the boat broke down...) We also went horseback riding in the Hasting's ranch. It was so fun! It was really peaceful just sitting on the fence in the evening breeze. I also tried my first calf roping, around the ankles this time. This is so tricky! You have to be very quick and precise, or else the calf will kick and get out. Luckily, this was a fake one so I didn't have to worry. I can't believe how fast these people are at this kind of stuff...
One last thing. I fed a horse a pellet for the first time. When you do this, you're supposed to stick your lips out and the horse kisses you... so I kissed my first horse!!!!!
This horsey loves my camo hat!

After the fun day, we drove right on over to Bahama Buck's for some special shaved ice. When I asked the boy in charge what his favorite flavor was, he replied "Pickle Juice." I didn't believe him, or that it could taste good, so we asked for samples. We all took a shot of it, and it was probably one of the most disgusting things I've ever tasted. Vegetables are NOT meant to be dessert. BAD LIFE CHOICE. However, my real shaved ice was raspberries and cream, and it was positively delicious :)