Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 5... Get To Know Me?

I've been tagged by my cool awesome spectacular Aunt, which I think means that I'm supposed to fill this out. So, in honor of me sleeping through all my classes and still wasting my time, here goes nothin...

1. Jobs I've Had:
*Elementary "Sweeper" (In other words, vaccuming, taking out humungous bags of trash, cleaning the sinks, riding the golf carts over small jumps, being flirted with by a bunch of 16 year olds... and getting paid minimum wage for all of it!)

*Target Cashier (wow, that was a good time... not. Sidenote: First job I ever quit on my own.)

*Cartridge World Employee/Cartridge Filler Extraordinaire (The best job ever! I love ink so much! haha jk. This job description includes: blushing with Brad a lot, wanting to kill myself with toner, falling madly in love with a Bosnian, having a sexually harassing boss, ink splatters to the face, crazy customers, and a great massage chair.)

*Honks $1.05 (enough said.)

*Aeropostale (I hate folding pants. But hey, I got asked out on a date while working there, so there was a few good times..)

*TC Masonry (I am currently employed as my dad's secretary. My mom claims I sold my soul to the devil. I am starting to agree.)

2. ALL the places I have lived:
Murray, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
South Jordan, Utah
Logan, Utah

3. Four Movies That I Love:
*The Scarlet Pimpernel
*Fight Club
*Beauty And The Beast

4. Four Favorite Foods:
Water Chesnuts

5. Four Weird Things About Me:
There are a ton of weird things about me.
*I sleep with socks on every night
*I hate hot showers, they make me sick
*I think about chord progressions when I hear songs these days
*I can't feel awkard. ever.

6. Four Favorite TV Shows:
Gummi Bears (but I don't think it exists anymore...)
Mystery Diagnosis
Music Videos

7. Four Places I Would Love to Go:

Ahem. Ok. Now that that is over, here is a cool picture of me and my piano major friends at the formal institute dance. Moving on...

Today I slipped for the first time in Logan on the ice. I wasn't looking forward to this, becuase I usually have one nasty slip a year, and I thouht I'd get away from it this year... Unfortunately, getting into Steve's car, I went down, and went down hard. I didn't want anyone to see, but it hurt pretty badly, my leg feels so sore. I am a wimp...

Also done today- I went to my first Ward Basketball Game (We are the eighth ward) It was pretty cool, we lost, but that's not what the game is all about, am I right? I also attended my first organized meeting with boys and girls, where we asked each other questions. It was very honest and quite informative. But I'll still never understand boys. Or girls. I know how that sounds, but I feel like that sometimes... maybe one day I'll find somewhere I fit in. Judging by the above picture, probably not with the asians :)