Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 18... The Night Of Adventure

Ok, so I previously mentioned Mark Allsop. This dude is so cool it's ridiculous. He came and stole us from the FA building for the night, and we had a crazy night of adventures.

First of all, we decided to explore the Kent Concert Hall in search of the infamous Piano Cave. Though I can't tell you the specific locations of this place, I can tell you it involves climbing a lot of scary ladders and going across sketchy boards in the dark. We ventured up quite a ways and sat for a while, telling secrets, while my injured toe bled... (I hit it against a metal bar) This leads up to another new thing: I put my foot in that bathroom sink for the first time. Gag.

Then we decided to go for a tour to the Skyline Restraunt on the top of the TSC building. This was pretty awesome, cause it was just the three of us alone. Mark made us Aggie Nut Rolls, which are ice cream balls rolled in nuts and covered in chocolate and caramel sauce. They were SO delicious.

Then we met up with some of his friends and played Catch Phrase. It was so much fun... plus we met this guy whose name was Wooley, and he had the creepiest/funniest facial expressions ever. We had a pretty good laugh over that dude.

All in all, a very very very very fun night... and chock full of new experiences!!!


Jenelle said...

Geez, when do you ever have time to study!?! Ugh, what a mom I have become. I say have all the fun while you can my dear niece.