Sunday, March 16, 2008

March 9... Way Too Much Fun To Be Havin On A Saturday Night.

I did probably one of the most lame things I've ever done on a weekend tonight, which was watching japenese game shows on youtube with my little sister. HUMAN TETRIS. Which was hilarious, if I might add. And I don't know how to add youtube videos, but here is the link. It's pretty fantastic.

So I was pretty bored and tired, and I fell asleep. The next thing I know, it's two in the morning, and Tommy is calling me wanting to play. So we got some hot chocolate, and talked for a while. As he's driving me home, he stops in my church parking lot. I ask him what we're doing, and he says, "Your new thing of the day. We're going dancing in the parking lot."

So we blasted some good clubbin music and starting dancing. It was really crazy fun, until the cops showed up... Apparently we were being a bit too loud..? Hahaha! It was really funny, cause they pulled up as we were in the car about to leave. They proceeded to tell us that no one wanted to hear our hoodlum music, what the h**** were we doing, where did we live, blah blah blah... The whole time I was just busting up. If you are an avid reader of my blog or know me well, you know I love to break the law. I was about to ask the cop for his name, so he could be officially named in my blog, but Tommy strongly encouraged me not to. My favorite part about this whole ordeal was when another cop showed up and shined a way bright flashlight through my window at my face. I was was freaked out that he was standing there, so I said, "Hello." and he just kept burning my eyes with his dang flashlight. It was probably one of my favorite cop experiences. I love breaking the law.


Jenelle said...

Hey Cort, I'll be your "bail out call" if you ever need one; which, at the rate you are going, may be sooner rather than later. Man, you're so cool!