Sunday, March 23, 2008

March 22... The place you must look, Hard it is

Today I took the long drive with my father down to Hurricane, to spend Easter with my family. On the way there, I experienced some very strange things... My dad drove in the car with me with no shirt on. That was slightly uncomfortable. Then I asked him how I was conceived, and found out other information that was not known: about birth control pills, how to try and have a boy instead of a girl, all these awkward topics. It was a very informative trip.

Once we got there, we decided to have the first ever Easter Egg Hunt- IN THE DARK. Yeah, they were lazy, and by the time the eggs were filled, it was evening. But that never stopped the Johnsons, they went right out there and hid those eggs. There was one, a black bean, that had a twenty dollar bill- the kids stayed out for over an hour trying to find it. My dad, being the clever dude he is, wrote them a little riddle to help them figure it out... unfortunately, my camera is misplaced yet again, so I will post a picture of this riddle once I find it.


Jenelle said...

Um, ew. maybe you should buy your dad some shirts for Father's Day or something. Doesn't that car have a/c!?!