Thursday, October 2, 2008

September 28... Ramen Holiday

It was late. I had bundled myself into my room without any hope of excitement... A life of studying is certainly not a life of enjoyment. Naturally, in the act of quenching my thirst on my break, I remembered that I hadn't done a new thing. I hurredly asked my roommates for an idea (my favorite was Carina's... "Have you become an ultimate aggie on the bull yet?") But, due to Hailey's obsession of Christmas and countdown clocks on her computer, I decided to give a secret "83 Days (and some extra hours and minutes) Till Christmas" present to the boys across the hall. The present was a packet of Shrimp Ramen (extremely festive)... the only real gift I was willing to part with. I also didn't have very much wrapping paper, as you can see.

Basically, it went down like this:
Cortni: What do I do? The door's open!
Carina: I'll shut it! (shuts it. boys open it again. Brady comes out)
Brady: Why did you shut our door?
Hailey: Just close it for one minute, we want to do something. (shoves him back into the room and shuts the door) Ok go Cortni!
(I run up and madly throw it in front of their door, dashing away)
Carina and Hailey: You forgot to knock!!!!!