Sunday, January 13, 2008

January 13... All Natural (Rated PG 13 for some nudity)

I don't know if I should really share, but today's "new thing" was quite interesting. As you all probably know, I am a piano major at Utah State. This means that we spend hours and hours in tiny enclosed boxes with pianos in them (or, stated politically correct.. "practice rooms") They consist of a room, a piano, a chair and bench, and a tiny window on the door. To make up for the long and slacking weekend I had up here, I decided to shut myself into one of these to practice. After 4 hours, I began to lose my mind, as I usually do. Suddenly, a brilliant and stupid idea came to me. I took a quick peek outside. As I correctly assumed, everyone had left for the night, so I was alone.

I have a fear of being naked in public places... I am terrified of skinny dipping and running out of the shower for fear someone will see me. Today, I suppressed my fear. I closed the door and suddenly began throwing off my clothes until I was free... and that's what it felt like...

I even played through my Chopin Nocturne like that once, to just feel the accomplishment. It was terrifying, knowing my classmates, or even professors, could walk by and see me- but it just made my experience that much better. I know some of you are thinking that I'm gross or kinky or weird, but heck... it just felt good. Eh, I guess that's what 4 hours of practice does to the brain.


Turtal said...

As Paris Hilton would say "Thats Hot!"