Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 8th... Riding the Short Bus

Today in Logan, it snowed like you wouldn't believe. Because of such a cold and wet day, me and Cailie decided to take Cathy's advice, and take the bus to the Book Table to purchase our piano repertoire. So, we got geared up and took our first Cache Valley Transit bus out of campus!

At first we were excited. We arrived at the local Smiths into the bus stop of all bus stops. There was a station, lots of benches, and even more buses. We were amazed, yet completely lost. We timidly asked the man behind the counter which bus to take, and he recommended the 11 bus... or, as he explained, the short bus. We got on and took the back seats, laughing and drawing pictures of stick people in the foggy windows. However, we watched in horror as the bus passed by the Book Table, and passed main street. By this time, it was 5:00, and we had to be back at a meeting at 6:00. We suppressed our fears... we figured we'd ride the bus all the way back to avoid getting lost. Little did we know, how long that bus ride would be.

It begain to grow dark, and more shady people got on the bus. One man making strange comments about old movies, two little girls being overly friendly with creepy men, a strange boy who wanted to use my cell phone... and our bus driver kept driving past people's stops. Soon, the prospect of hunger got to us, and we realized we might not make it through this scary ride. We drove through neighborhoods and back alleys, our little bus sliding and sloshing through the increasing snow. After a long and draining drive to Nibley and back, we finally made it back to Smiths. We purchased bags of chips and a snickers to keep us going, and made it back to our meeting about half an hour late. A two hour adventure for a ten minute drive..... Although we never made it to the Book Table, we did make it back to USU's lovely little campus. And one thing is for sure: I'd drive my car over taking the bus any day.
(Picture: Back on campus!! Yay!!!)


ikeowens said...

Scariness. I would have jumped out the back window or something...
I love this blog! Definitely worth reading every day. Cheerio, old friend :)