Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 4th... Not your every day couch drive by

Yes, you've all heard it before, i love breaking the law. Anything I can do to stick it to the man, cause some trouble, or just thrive on the "toothy edge of danger" is my thing. I love being sneaky and breaking the rules, being reckless and stupid, and just feeling like I have power. B-Rad and crew made it happen for me this night.
I attatched myself to their group and we were off on a wild adventure. They hated a boy. They had possession of a broken couch/recliner. Thus, "couching" was the fantastic event of the evening. I myself was not educated in the ways, but the boys helped me out a bit. We drug the couch up the stairs (knocking over lots of picture frames on the way), out the front door, and into the back of a truck. We then proceeded to drive to the loathesome boys' house, lugged it across the street (the boys even let me help, how sweet) and pretty much dumped the broken thing on the porch. You can imagine the thrill when the porch lights suddenly were flicked on. We ran to the getaway car like nothing you've ever seen before, and I was giggling like a mad woman. And after a few hours, we proceeded to drive by again, and B-Rad powerboxed his house. What a thrill, what a thrill.