Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 2nd... Sushi Day

Yes, the rumors are true. On January 2nd, about evening time, I had my sushi virginity taken from me. But not to worry, it was under supervision, and I willingly consented :)

Me and my dear friend Melissa Martinson drove to a quaint little restraunt called the "Fortune Cookie" and cracked open the menus for a good time. The sushi was decently priced, so we decided to get about $20.00 worth of sushi to give it all a try. Little did we know, it was plenty more than we imagined. We got a lot of different kinds... some I can't pronounce, so I won't try. I operated chopsticks for the first time, took a little shot of ginger and wasabi, and tried the stuff. I gotta say, it's not half bad! It's definitely the most exotic and strangest tasting food I've ever tried! The bites were huge and there were times where I thought the texture mixed with the soy sauce and wasabi would get me, but all in all, I think I put up a fair fight. (However, I spit out half of my Hot Tako roll, as show in the illustration to your left...I know... wimp.. Then again, it did have an octupus tentacle poking out of it, so yeah.) We had a little scare, with Melissa losing her fortune from her cookie (and prospect of life with it), but we left happy and satisfied, with sushi in our bellies and joy in our hearts. It was such a fun time though, experiencing new flavors and culture. I absolutely loved it!
(Note: Also done.... shopped at Kid2Kid with Spencer Clark.. We came, and we conquered. We pretended to be married, and cruised around looking for fun items for our "baby boy" After much perusing through a baby book, I decided upon the name Felipe. We wandered aimlessly for a while, not seeing anything that caught our eye. Fortunately, we found the movie selections, and after much deliberation, decided upon An American Tale. Fifel won his way into our hearts, and we purchased the movie for a whopping $2.99. What a deal. My favorite part about this adventure was escaping through the miniature pink door. It was an excellent time.)