Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 7th... Tie Dye Awaits!!!


In honor of the first day of school, and the lack of homework thus far, we decided to set aside today as Tie Dye Day. This tie dye, which had been sitting in her room since last semester, was one of the things that first brought us together. It was one of my favorite days up here so far.. laid back, relaxing, and just all around fun. We had many great adventures... from laughing at high waisted panty thongs at Wal Mart, to trying on llama furry white boots and finding cooler ones for ten dollars, setting up my empty fish tank, eating yogurt upside down from the container, buying her first fifty cent tattoo, almost getting stabbed by point leaded pencils, getting covered in snow in the parking lot after FHE, laughing at a scary man with a huge handlebar moustache, and eating Ham and Bacon soup (I thought only my grandma made that stuff! And it was deeelicious!) I can't think of anything important that we were supposed to get done, but it was the perfect day I needed to spend with a best friend and just laugh about life.
Tie Dying was a whole different league of fun. We started out by cutting arm and head holes into garbage sacks and wearing them around like silly people. Then we soaked our clothing "items" (shirts, tank tops, and *cough* underwear) and put them in rubber bands. After soaking them in this bubbly ash stuff, we began to squirt the dye on them. It was quite exhilirating and exciting! Our creations will not be done for 24 hours, but once we have them done, we will finally be able to "Pledge allegiance to the tie dye underwear of the apartment"...... or just look like absolute hippies wearing them around. (A special thanks to all of Cailie's roommates for letting us use the table and putting up with our silliness)