Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 15... Breathe deep...relax..

In honor of a busy day, I decided to keep today's "new thing" a little low key. While hunting through the mall for headphones with B-Rad, I spied a large empty booth in the hallway. With nothing in particular, I jumped on top of it (because who doesn't love to jump on top of tabletops?) and took a seat. I realized that it was the perfect size for me and B-Rad to sit side by side. Because today was such a hectic day, it seemed the ideal time to meditate. So, with a little forcing, I got B-Rad to close his eyes and we began to breathe deep. All was going well, until I heard Bradley's purposely labored breaths, and I tried extremely hard not to giggle. That, and the fact that "R-O-C-K in the USA" was playing in the background, made it a bit hard to concentrate on relaxing. Though it may not be the best place to get all my shockers aligned, it IS a fun little hangout, and I think we might start sitting there a bit more often. Until tomorrow, folks!