Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February 2... Love and Basketball

Not to say that I'm especially stoked for Valentine's Day, because I won't have anyone to celebrate it with, but I decided to let the idea in anyways, with a special poem. I say special, because me and Cailie Bean used those Conversation Hearts to make them! We had a bowl and randomly picked them out, and had to use the sayings to create our poems. It was totally wickedly sweet, and they actually turned out really really good. This is mine. Note: the bolded words are from the actual conversation hearts.

You & Me

by: Cortni Crump

You & me.

How nice it would be!

We'd fly to cloud nine,

Hold hands in the sunshine.

Lover Boy!

You are oh so cool,

With a smile that's so fine

(I don't mean to be selfish, but-)

I dream that your kisses are all mine.

You & me.

Together we'd break all the rules-

We'd live a wild life,

I'd love you until the angels became jealous.

And you'd hug me

Until I hope.

Until I'm sure.

You & Me.

Also done today: Worked out at the feildhouse with boots on. Yay for being hardcore while exercising...? Haha.

Plus, I went fully geared up to a USU basketball game. I've been to one before with Cailie, but I was not wearing blue and white, or cheering very much. This time I went with my lovely friends from Jones and we cheered and went crazy. And I took a bunch of crazy cool pics... I also hung out with Landon outside of the FA building for the first time, and he's a pretty sweet dude. All in all, a very accomplished day.


Lindzena said...

Ha ha ha... that pic on the top right is my fav. That was fun. We've gotta get those silly Aggie-Ninja pics done! Those were basically awesome.