Thursday, February 7, 2008

February 6th... The Legend

Today is Bob Marley's birthday!!! It's true, this great man is worth celebrating. Today I officially celebrated peace, love, and tie dye in his memory. I dressed up as a hippie with my tie dye shirt and wild hair, and Cailie looked quite stunning in her stoned Bob Marley shirt. We headed to the wild party they threw for him, but it was a bit sketchy. There were about 10 black people in there, jamming and smoking, and we sort of sat in the corner like scared rabbits. Some boys came up and approached us, but we politely turned down their requests to get us dancing. I was just enjoying sitting on that couch and bobbing my head, feeling the groove, getting into the music. We finally made our escape, but got caught by Mel, the crazy smoking girl and her boy friend. They offered us a drink and the boy mentioned "Something in his trunk" if we would stay and hang out, but we made and excuse and left. It was a pretty sweet time, and I absolutely love Bob. Yay for smoking weed and feelin' alright!