Saturday, February 23, 2008

February 22... Mannequin Heads.

The title is explanatory. Today me and Cailie went mannequin head hunting. You don't need to ask questions. All you need to know is that we were successful. Here is the story.

Today, Cailie drove me home for the first time in her beloved van, Delilah. Delilah is cool for a few reasons... the prominent one being her windshield wipers, which fly out erratically at the slightest touch. Another reason why Delilah rocks is because she has Cailie's old bread crusts still inside, and it's been more than a month.

As we neared my hometown, we decided to try a beauty salon for the heads, and so we hopped onto Redwood Road for a little excursion to SLCC. Unfortunately, it's been so long since I lived here that I couldn't remember where it was. At one point, I thought I saw it, and we parked and walked over through the muddy rocks and mangled mailboxes, to find that it was Nelson's Laboratory, not SLCC... our FIRST Laboratory experience. We were terrified to go in and find whatever creepy things are inside of Laboratories, so we headed back to Delilah.

After a while of driving and inquiries, we finally managed to find the SLCC salon. We tentatively asked the girl at the desk if we could have some mannequin heads, and you wouldn't believe the questions we got. What were they for? Who were we? Why did we want them?

Finally, we were beckoned into a room, and they handed us 2 beloved heads, a girl and a boy. The girls name was Marry Kin, and the man's name was Magnum. I quicky grasped Magnum by the neck and held him up proudly for others walking by to see. I wanted to take him out to lunch with us, but we decided it was a bit taboo to do something like that. However, it was totally hilarious, and totally victorious to walk back to Cailie's van, our 2 mannequins smiling back at us.

I've never heard of anything more creepy in my life.

We love Magnum.