Monday, February 25, 2008

February 25... "Supporting"

Today, one of the piano-major-to-be's (Shannon Lee) asked me if I would come to her older brother Brandon's intramural basketball game. I agreed to come and support him, because he has given me so many rides home late at night here in Logan. So tonight at 9:30, I saw my first Logan Intramural Basketball Game. I really enjoyed it, because of Brandon. He is one of the best piano majors out here in Logan, and he has so much ahead of him. Yet he's not only limited to piano. He also loves playing basketball, and I really really admire him for doing the things he loves regardless of whether others might or might not approve of it. Though the team lost by 3, it was still and excellent and tough game. Yay intramurals!

Also done today: I finally figured out how to take the battery out of my phone the correct way. I have spent countless hours puzzling over how to get the back cover off, and today Cailie finally showed me the light. It is so simple I want to poke myself in the eye.