Saturday, February 9, 2008

February 9th... Bursting

That's correct, this day was so chock full of FUN and EXCITING new adventures.. Today is a day I will fondly remember years from now, when I am old and wrinkly. To give you my new things, I must tell today's whole story, therefore making this also something new: I have never used this blog as a type of journal before.

I went to bed last night at around 3:30... an unfortunate time, because I had to wake up and be at the FA Building at 7:30... I practiced for monster concert and got to come home for a few hours. In the process, I picked up my long-awaited glasses and finally had the chance to really wear them for the first time. (Background info: I've worn contacts since 5th grade, and I've never owned a pair of glasses till now. They are changing my life already. My eyes are happy!)

After the break, I got all dolled up and went to the Monster Concert!! This consists of all the YC students (mine didn't want to be part of it, but oh well) playing duets on 20 pianos all on the stage... the catch is: at the same time. For any of you that know music or children, this is no easy task. I have already been in a Monster Concert, but not as a beat keeper. That means I am basically a page turner and "hand snatcher", if the student is messing up the entire peice. It is absolute madness out there on that stage, but so much fun! (I also had a small part, I told a little joke about Joseph "Hidin" Haydn, and had to run a sign across after the end of every scene. This was not the best outfit choice to be wearing stilettos while doing this...) Me and the Monster

After the concert, I finally met B-Rad's parents for the first time. They are pretty cool people. I also waltzed with Kyle down the stairs, which was quite dangerous. We had quite a bunch of extra balloons and no plans to fill up our night, so we decided to go to Citrus and Sage to hear the local jazz ensemble jam out for a bit. I have never been to see a live jazz band, and it was SO AWESOME. I wish I could jam out with them SO BAD! They had a guitar, piano, trumpet, drums, and sax. This is where the new things get more profuse: I ordered my first real italian soda (Peach Vanilla), attempted to put checkers over my eyes, danced the cha cha and swing in front of everyone in public (me and kyle and cailie and landon just decided to do it spontaneously in an open spot. it was fun... they lead and I just followed :P) SO MUCH FUN. I love boys that can dance. It was such a chill night, all of us piano majors just chillin and listening to good music and enjoying each other's company.

Check out this video of the band!! Dooooood.

After I dropped everyone off, me and Kyle still had all these balloons, and needed to get rid of them. So our idea? We decided to go into a random dorm, find a random girl, and give her the balloons. Not only that, but we were to give her a singing telegram using the helium from the balloons to improve our singing abilities. So we did this, awkwardly, but we still pulled it off. We sang "You Are My Sunshine" and gave the girl the balloons, and she was very weirded out. But it was totally worth it as we ran away with shouts of "Wait, who are they from? Where did they come from?" behind us... and me shreiking creepily, "I can't tell you! Nope, sorry! Can't tell, can't tell...", my stilettos clicking mercilessly on the steps down 3 flights of stairs. And thus ended the night. What more surprises are in store tomorrow?

......Only time can tell.


Lindzena said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... balloon idea = brilliance.

You look fantastic in your glasses, btw.