Thursday, January 24, 2008

January 23... Wooden Shoes+Cheese=Awesome.

Today was a day chock full of vitamins, minerals, and tons of awesome "firsts". I went to the Fine Arts Museum located conveniently next to me. Me, B-Rad, and Landon all toured the art/music level. We saw tons of good art and spent a good time discussing feelings, thoughts, and impressions. We also heard some cool musical compositions... one which included 90+ wooden shoes suspended from cables. For a quarter, you could watch as they clicked their own musical composition! It was one of the coolest things I've seen.

Also done today... me and some piano major friends went to the local Dairy for lunch. This place is sweet! Any place that serves hot soup in Logan is on the top of my list. So I tried another first: Wisconson Cheese soup. It was pretty tasty. I also bought real Logan Squeeky Cheese, haha! As we were discussing getting Aggie Ice Cream, a lady in a lab coat suddenly popped out of a door, and informed us that we were to follow her if we wanted to live. (Just kidding, but she said that if we were part of an expiriment, we would get free ice cream coupons.) So we went in the back, and

I was part of my first expiriment! I tasted turkey through this little window, it was awesome and very formal :) The best part was my Aggie Bull Tracks ice cream, this stuff really is the best, and also a first of mine!

One last thing: me and cailie and brad practiced cha cha in the FA. It was awkward, because people were staring at us and my terrible techno cha cha music. Oh well.