Thursday, February 7, 2008

February 4th... This is NOT a vacation.

Today I took it upon myself to take the long drive back home to Salt Lake to get my car registered. This was the only time I could do it in time for my lovely GOLDEN TICKET I got last sunday for a stupid incorrect lane change. (Where he caught me for expired insurance and no registration... dang cop). All went well until I attempted to exit the parking lot. My car was stuck in the stupid Logan snow. I spent a good 45 minutes trying to dig it out with my scraper, my boots, and finally Nicole's shovel... all to no avail. My tire was literally frozen to the ground... I finally got it out and drove to B&R Tires where I discovered a valuable tip: flirting or being overly friendly never hurts- it usually helps. That, and life is always improved by who you know. No other place I know would pass my car with the condition it's in, but the lovely people at B&R Tire don't think twice.
When I got home, I had nothing to do for a few hours, so I decided to take the task of shoveling my family's driveway to be nice. That took over an hour, and it still looked like crap. No one noticed, which kinda sucked, but at least I got to shovel an entire driveway for my first time. Yippee, right?
Then I hung out with Tommy that night and his car got stuck in my newly shoveled driveway... Haha. Seriously though. It took us another 30 minutes to dig his car out, and he finally had to be pulled out by a Toyota. It was totally worth it though, the look on his face when he had his Ford SVT pulled out of a little snowpile by a Toyota.
Long story short, I shoveled WAY too much and I'm so sore. Stupid stupid snow.