Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 24... Utah Symphony

Though I have been to see the Utah Symphony as a child before, I have never been to see it as a mature adult. Josh, Lissa, and I took the trip to Salt Lake to see them. It was beautiful as to be expected... they played the 3 Cornered Hat, Beethoven's first concerto in C Major, and Prokofiev Symphony #5.

I loved them all... the 3 Cornered Hat was very spanish and grand. Beethoven's concerto was played beautifully on the piano, and I loved the 3rd movement especially. And the Prokofiev was unlike anything I've ever heard before. I haven't had as much symphony background as piano, so I am always excited to hear something new.

And it was so beautiful. Each movement was so different and it was so perfect to me how they all fit together. The first movement alone built up and ended huge, and I had to seriously resist the urge to just start clapping like a crazy girl. You can really feel how he captures the human struggle and heart in his music, contrasting with the war and the gruesomeness of it all. Prokofiev wrote some pretty awesome stuff. Dude.