Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 5... Cinco De Mayo

Today's new thing was brought to you by our Mexican server Pablo. For Cinco De Mayo (or just as a trick of my sister Kate's to get us out to eat lunch), we ate at an authentic Mexican placed called Los Costas. It was pretty packed... NOT. It was completely empty except for us. So we were having a good time... my mom kept telling us that the waiter was flirting at her with his eyes, and we were laughing at the music. We also went around and said our favorite "Mexican of the year". Mine was Jose, who works for my dad. My new thing was ordering a spinach and mushroom enchilada. And don't think that it was good, cause it totally wasn't. Spinach goes good in salads. Not mexican food. We also tried Xango, which was a delicious cooked cheesecake dessert. Oh, and don't let me forget, me and Kate tried to dance in the aisle of the restraunt. It was really really funny. And to top off the celebration, I improvised a poem.

Crossing the border
From up above
Here is a mexican
For us to love.

I am so racist. Someone lock me up.