Friday, May 16, 2008

May 15... PT!

Today I took advantage of that gym pass by scheduling my first meeting with a personal trainer. How cool does that sound?! I felt like a celebrity.

Her name was Christina, but when I showed up she had left, so I was with Spencer. This guy was pretty funny. He had bleached tipped hair and a strange personality. But he was very helpful. We did a few tests... checked my heart rate (cardio), with my flexibility and muscle strength. The results came in, and I actually didn't do too bad.

I was in the fair category for my cardio, average in strength, poor in flexibility (haha, that's always been the case), and 19.8% body fat. My body age is about 20, and if I improve in all these things, it will bring it down to that of about an 18 year old. So I'm really not doing too bad!

I set a few goals to get better in these categories, and it's actually been kind of inspiring. He said he doesn't really offer PT sessions with anyone unless they are super dedicated and serious, so I told him I guess I'd just meet with him again before the summer is over. But how cool is that... meeting with a personal trainer. I feel so dang special :)