Monday, May 19, 2008

May 17... His bark is worse than his bite?

Of all the dumbest game shows on TV these days, I have found the cream of the crop. This is totally the lamest thing I've ever seen on tv. After hanging around for a few hours with my little sister, we decided to watch some tv. She then showed me the latest in the animal planet world- a reality tv game show called

"Groomer Has It".
I am sorry if you actually enjoy watching it. If so, you may want to skip this entry.

I think it is so hilarious that people actually would watch such a show. When I watched it, there were a bunch of contestants, all competing for the fastest time. They had to perform CPR, bandage a head, and the arms of a canine.

The only problem was that the dog wasn't real. They used fake stuffed dogs to perform their stunts on. However, they had to handle them gently so as to make it as realistic as possible. Now, I don't know what you guys consider fun, but watching a bunch of people trying to be hard core groomers of stuffed animals? And then stay in the same hotel room and make up some drama? ("I didn't come here to make friends, I came here to win"... wow, what are you planning on winning buddy? Landing a job in the beanie baby section?)

I'll pass. Think I'll watch some Human Tetris instead... watching Japanese people squeeze through a foam cut out is SO much more entertaining. :)