Monday, May 19, 2008

May 18... "Music is what Feelings sound like."

Yes, today was Josh's farewell. And it was a great day... I only cried a few times :)

So I guess I did a lot of firsts. Driving to Provo for a farewell was definitely a first. I also hung out with the Lohners and had such a good time. I walked Annie (with them) for the first time, saw Monster Quest on youtube for the first time (Gigantopithicus!!!) made a huge brownie hill (complete with a Brazilian flag and marshmallow-size Josh) with Tirra, and snapped beans for the first time! :)

Plus Josh gave a recital tonight, which was absolutely amazing. Words can't describe how beautiful and pure his music was, how mature and talented he is when it comes to his music, how lucky I felt to even be a part of it in some way. He is such an amazing person, and I really look up to him a lot for his example of dedication, and passion for things that are important in his life. I feel so blessed that I would even get to spend time with this guy, he is SO AMAZING! Sqweenchies!