Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 1... Bill

Today's new thing was meeting Bill.

My dad came to Logan to help me move my stuff, and when he walked in, I noticed he had a friend with him. My dad introduced him as Bill, and then proceeded to tell us that he paid Bill a $2 bill to come help us move. I then asked my dad if he had previously known Bill. He replied in the negative. Bill laughed and smiled and said, "Should we start gettin to work?"

That's when it hit me. My dad picked up a stranger from the Salt Lake Valley to help him come move. My dad brought in a real live hobo to Jones Hall to relocate my belongings.

Don't get me wrong, Bill was a character. He was probably in his mid 30s, slacks and a sweatshirt, sunglass tan... He was laughing and cracking jokes and having a good old time. He even played the piano for us and lost my dad in an intense game of pool. I actually really enjoyed Bill.

But trust my dad to pick up a stranger and give him a ride all the way to Logan for a $2 bill. Life is CRAZY.