Thursday, May 29, 2008

May 29... Sophisticated Mama

Today I got off work early, and decided to go shopping with Kate and my mother. All was going well, and we were getting things ready for our trip to Mexico. My mom has been having a hard time finding clothes for herself in the past few years... I think she has given up on her image and is extremely unhappy. So, Kate and I decided to take her and surprise her by going shopping for HER. At first she denied, but after some serious coaxing, we got her to go in Torrid with us and start shopping. And it was hard, but we found some really nice stuff. I just hope she wears it! She is such a beautiful person on the inside, and she hides behind her different colored t-shirts and polos with stains. I want my mom to look and feel beautiful, and while she is in the inbetween stages, we were hoping these clothes would bring her out of her shell.

Plus, Kate and I got a kick out of being "pretend Stacy and Clinton" (from "What Not To Wear")... telling her that "this accentuated her thinnest part of her waistline", or the pieces went well together, etc... It was a pretty good time, after we forced my mom to deal with it. And she will look so great! I know it. She is a sophisticated mama :)