Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 11... 5th Avenue and Orientals.

Today we didn't quite know what to do, because the rain hadn't let off. We decided to try 5th Avenue, the local flea market in Playa del Carmen. We took a taxi there, and shopped around. It was pretty awesome. I tried on my first Mexican poncho, tried Mexican chocolate, got all my gift shopping done, and got an awesome chili pepper shirt. Kate and I had to leave early, because we had made reservations at another restraunt, this time the Oriental.
Can i just say. Wow. It was craziness. We barely made it back in time, couldn't find it, and had to take a golf cart through the rain to get to the restraunt. But my oh my, was it delicious. We're talkin sushi, soup, egg rolls, and Pad Thai. The real deal. It was so delicious. My Pad Thai was smoking hot spicy, but too delicious to stop eating. We couldn't believe just how nice these restraunts were, and how much we'd been missing out on, eating at the buffet. It was just craziness. Absolute delicious goodness. And we had a good laugh and a good time together, Kate found over 6 gramatical errors in our menu and chopstick wrappers. And I just laughed a lot. It was a good bonding moment.

Oh, and our family met in the common area outside after we were done, and we took about 2 million pictures of our eyes. These were a few of the classics. Sometimes my family really really really freaks me out.