Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 4... Almost here...

That's right, vacation is the on the way! I am stalling packing by updating my blog... hopefully it's a lot more interesting with the pictures and everything. I certainly am more interested in it now. Today I worked pretty much all day, which was not as entertaining as you'd originally think. But I was introduced to Crazy People, a VHS classic, about a man who writes tv advertisements the way they really are. Go here.

It is pretty hilarious. I also got busted by my boss with his surveillance camera for the first time... we were all watching that youtube video and he called to tell us to get back to work. It sucked, cause we really were busy at work all day!!

Here is me, smiling, because I am off to Mexico this next week and a half. Who cares if I have no prospect of a phone, friends, or college tuition??? I am going where the sun shines, where the beach water is clear, and where I can finally relax after this long depressing and stressful week. I will see you all on the 13th!

P.S. A big GOOOOOOOOOOD LUCK to my best friend Cailie Ercanbrack, who is competing for Miss Lehi this Saturday! You should all go and watch her, she has the best walk, talent, evening gown, swimming suit, and muscles ever! She will totally dominate. Have a good week everyone!


Jenelle said...

You're going to Mexico!?! You know I hate you a little right now, right? ;) Yeah, well, have a great time and all that. See ya' when you get back!