Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 28... Lantelope.

There were so many AWESOME things that happened today. I spent the day with Cailie and her family, and I went to my first Lehi Parade. I know I'm supposed to be all patriotic about my own city, but I have cousins in Lehi, so I guess it counts. Well, Highland. Close enough. Anyways. Here is a sweet picture of us. My favorite was the Spanish Club car, complete with Del Taco cups dragging behind it. Or the huge throng of kid and teen cheerleaders. They are taking over the world! It's a bit scary.
Cailie and I also went to the Dollar Tree, where we tried on King Arthur outfits. This is also where I purchased my first pair of incognito glasses (complete with moustache and furry eyebrows.) We enjoyed wearing these to the park later that day, where we got Pirate facepaints, and her little sister Aubree fed me grapes like a queen.

Afterwords, her and I drove to see the great Beardly (Bradley, from Logan piano major days.) He is still doing awesome, it was really nice catchin up with him. Cailie and I knocked three other things off our list tonight-
We went to a pirate pool party.

We saw the mentos/diet coke trick.

And we made dry ice bombs.

For some reason, Bradley likes to blow things up. And it was really really suspenseful. And loud. And illegal. My favorite things! There is nothing more fun that stuffing 5 pounds of dry ice in old pop bottles and exploding them. Except maybe acquiring 6 pounds of dry ice. However, I wouldn't recommend making your own bombs unless you are a trained professional. Or if you can find a non-piano major to screw on the lid. (Haha!!!)


Jenelle said...

Hey, whatcha talking about? you do have cousins that live in Lehi. Duh! And be careful of those bombs; cousins of mine were arrested for that - one right before his mission. Not something that you really want on your record now that you are all old and legal.

cailie said...

3 things:
1-i love being illegal. ;)
2-the last sentance of the entry is the essence of life. :)
3-thank you for all the laughs. i love you. :) :)