Wednesday, June 4, 2008

May 31st... Spur-of-the-moment trip to...


How I have missed this place I used to call home, the place I will still always call home. After being apart from Josh and working a ton, I got to distract myself and take a trip back to Logan, along with my two old roomies Ash and Lindz. We had a blast! Lindz drove in her car, which was devoid of all hope of air conditioning. But I was ok with it, I just hung in there. It was a treat seeing the sights on the way to Logan in the daytime, because I had always driven back and forth there at night. I sighted an aerospace building in the middle of Ogden that I didn't know existed, and I saw the beautiful moutains absorb the evening's last sunshine rays.

We arrived safely and checked into Jones to stash our stuff... and were quite surprised. As we turned the corner, we could hear loud reggaeton music blasting from the windows, and we found all the doors surprisingly closed! The people from the DR now live here, and it was apparent that Jones was no longer the same. However, we had a good time, met up with some old friends we used to go dancing with, and we headed to the dance we came for. It was at NVO, and girls got in free before 10:00, so we were there for a long time. The dance didn't really pick up until later (if never), but I still had a blast! I met a few new friends and got to dance Bachata and Merengue, and they even complimented me on how well I could dance. Yay!

I had one shocking new thing happen: I got hit on by the creepiest of all the creepos out there. I was standing against a wall not dancing (I don't like dirty dancing to reggaeton) and a guy asked me if I wanted to dance. I denied him and said maybe the next one, and he waited for me. Then he pulled me off into the dark stage and started getting all up on me, and it was so creepy. I totally had to keep backing away... he was 26 years old and said he wanted to be my "very good friend"... He then asked me if I had a myspace, to which I replied "I do but I don't have the internet at my house"... and he asked for my phone number (To help with his "english"... yeah right, buddy), which I replied with "I have a boyfriend." He seemed a bit disgruntled after that, and Ashley came up to save me from having to dance with him again. But she said he kept staring at me the whole night... It was the scariest experience of my life.

I also had another new thing happen: I got to sleep in a bed with silk sheets. One of the DR boys Winton, was nice enough to let all 3 of us girls sleep in his bed, in Keegan and Andy's old room. Hahaha!! Weird! But it was really nice. Very silky, smooth and slidy.