Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 6... Cancun

You read that right, today our family took an hour long taxi ride for $50.00 to


Kate had a friend and his family/other friends that were staying in Cancun the same time, so we decided to go visit them and hang out for the day. And it was a blast! Their hotel was right on the beach too, and we were all excited to get out there and get some sun! We put on our spray-on sunscreen (I know, right? Bad idea.) and all got completely fried. My mom got the worst of it- she wasn't really able to even stay out in the sun the whole trip because of her 3rd degree sunburn on her legs and shoulders. But it was a pretty awesome beach... the waves would pound us pretty hard, and I had to leave a few times to attempt to get the salt out from my contacts. But we had a bomb time, we buried this kid CJ in the sand, and I shopped for sunglasses on the beach (the man said I was sexy... great.) Oh, and we got in a mud fight, and had some lady yell "Hey! Go away!" It was pretty epic.

Aren't we cute????

The whole time we were there, the families were raving about "Happy Hour", when all the drinks were half price (Their hotel wasn't all inclusive), and they were so nice to order us all Miami Vices. Don't worry, no more alcohol- it was a mix between Pina Colada and a Strawberry Daquiri, and it was positively delicious. Here is a picture to prove how excited I was. Maybe a little too excited. Talk about creepo points to the max.

After our fun in the sun, we decided to get our stuff together and all go to downtown Cancun to do some shopping at the flea markets. It was pretty cool there... very busy and a tad bit crazy. It would be fun to go there if you were a couple or you wanted to do some serious clubbing I bet... anyways....

Kate and I really wanted to get real henna tattoos (Refer to my first week of new things), so we got them for reals this time. We got lower back "tramp stamps" of a sun and flares coming out, I totally dig it. And my dad even jumped on the bandwagon and got himself a Tat on his upper back. We are pretty hard cooore, I don't care what anyone else says. It was fun getting a real one.

After we'd had our fill of the city, we came back and relaxed on the beach for a while more. It was so beautiful there at night, with the stars above us and the warm wind... I felt so calm. We led the kids in a short walk down the sand, and ended up teaching them a bit of yoga. So there's a new interesting thing: Yoga on the beach. Harder than you'd think... it was hard to keep balance. But very relaxing! Then we headed back for the hotel and home, and I had my first real contact with a crab! It was wandering around... those things are FAST! It was a fun night.