Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 7... I wish I was in Tijuana eatin fried Iguana...

Just kidding! Although today we did see some pretty huge iguanas. They lived in a hole by the lobby. Check it out! I picked this picture because Maddie was trying to squint into the sun and she looks totally asian!! Haha.

Anyways. Good times. Today our family just checked out the resort and hung out all day. We got to swim in the ocean and the pools, and that night, we got all dressed up to go to my first Mexican Disco! This was a bit of a stumbling block, because you had to be an adult with an adult wristband to get in. Kate is almost 16, and didn't make the cut. So, we put my mom's bracelet on her, and dolled her up with tons of makeup and a fancy dress to try and sneak her in. And it worked! She looked way too hot for her own good.... We got in, no questions asked. Unfortunately, the disco was lame. There was a bar and it smelled like smoke. Hardly anyone was there in the first place, and no one was dancing. I was sad, because I wanted to dance the Merengue and Bachata with a real Mexican boy, but no such luck. However, I did teach Kate, and my dad... He didn't do so hot, but he got the beat down a bit better. It was just fun to hang out.

Oh yeah, and I saw my first Mexican Cockroach today! Totally nasty, that thing was HUGE.

Random picture: Look! Another person with a bent nose like me! How exciting!!!