Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 16... Ultimate Ping Pong

Somehow, today I ended up in Provo. Since I was on my way back with some free time, I decided to quickly stop by Spencer's dorm. While there, we kinda went crazy and did some interesting things. First of all, I threw my first bark chip at someone's window. It was a lot less climactic than I imagined it being. Then, we went to his common area to play some ping pong. For some reason, there were Eight (yes, eight) ping pong paddles sitting there. So naturally, we decided that the more paddles you held, the more surface area for the ball to hit. This was true. So, I played my first game of 4-paddle ping pong.

It was pretty freakin' hilarious. After we did that, we went over to the vending machines, where I had my first can of sliced peaches from the vending machine. Quite delicious, if I may add.

A random night, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, we decided to drive for a quick trip to the river where Josh and I first tagged our love, but we ended up at the top of a canyon instead with my car overheating and leaking antifreeze everywhere. But it was still a fun night. A big apology to Jason... because of this I was unable to see him on his birthday. And Fred is still a bit injured. Poor poor Fred.