Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 14... Hiking!

Since I don't currently work Saturdays, and woke up earlier than usual, I decided to call up my good friend Spencer to see what he was up to. As it ended up, he drove me up to American Fork canyon, for my first hike to the waterfall. I have not been on very many hikes... I think the longest I have been is a little over 2 miles. This one was a bit longer, and awesome! It was a beautiful day- a bit hot for my liking, but sunny is always good. We hiked past the lake and through a bunch of silkworms. (They were hanging by threads from the branches! And sticking to our shirts! Gross!) The last 15 minutes of the hike were death for me, because it was all uphill, but I made it! And it was beautiful... the waterfall was a lot bigger than I imagined.

I watched as Spencer put his head in the water to cool off, and I thought to myself, now that just isn't fair! So, I decided to do the same. I leaned over and stuck my hair right in the path of the rushing water... It felt like it was pulling the hair off of my head, but other than that, it was fun. And my head was a lot cooler! An interesting new thing to do, at any rate. It was a fun hike, even if it did slightly kick my butt.