Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 9... Nemo!! Where are you???

Today was also a very fun-filled day in Mexico. Our family got to ride a taxi to Xel-Ha. It's a pretty awesome place where you can scuba, snuba, and snorkel. Our family did a lot of snorkeling, and it was really fun! My favorite moment was swimming underneath a school of about 300 fish, and just watching them disappear in front of my eyes. Those little buggers are fast! Oh, and we saw a stingray, but I was a bit wary to stay for too long. Snorkeling is awesome. I also held a toucan for the first time (It totally made my day!) and caught a good 2 hour nap in a hammock. We had to buy eco-friendly sunscreen there, and it didn't rub in too well, so we all looked like white ghosts. And it was too hot to really care...

Oh, and on our way back to the resort, we stumbled upon this creature. They look like huge gophers, and apparently the locals say they are hard to catch, but delicious to eat. This one was really quick, and Katelyn named it the "Lightning Hog". Good times.

When we got back, we headed off to one of the resort restraunts... free with a reservations. Today I got to eat at my first real Gourmet Restraunt... which was absolutely crazy incredible. Ever since I'd seen those movies where they served gourmet food, I've always wanted to try it. But of course, being middle class, I could never afford a place like that. This was an awesome experience to try gourmet without the guilt.
And the food was so crazy. You could tell a lot of preparation went into each flavor, each taste, and each course. I ordered stuffed crab, onion soup, duck in honey sauce, and real creme brulle! Ever since me and Andrus' attempt to cook this dessert, I have always wondered what it would taste like. And I was surprised, it wasn't too far off from what we had... only less fruit and more rum flavor. I was surprised how much I liked the crab and duck, too... both were delicious. It was so awesome to eat at this fancy pants restraunt. Our family certainly didn't fit in though, we were all spinning our heads in circles and laughing abnoxiously loud. But it was such a awesome time. Definitely better than the buffet