Friday, June 27, 2008

June 27... C'mon baby, do the locomotion!

When there's something in your way, you gotta take charge and conquer it. That's why today's new thing was climbing over a train. I had to make a delivery down an industrial road, and there was a train parked in the way, blocking all in and out traffic. Yes, I said a train. Who abandons these trains in the middle of the tracks? They must be caught and punished for their actions. Anyways, we all waited around for a while, and I realized that it would probably be a very long time before anything happened.

So, I ventured out of my car to assess the situation. Also there was a very pleasant hobo with missing teeth, and a bike with a giant garbage can strapped to the back. I had a little chat with him about the situation of the train, and decided to go for it. I was originally going to climb underneath, but as I had a large toner box in my hand and the gap was low, I thought it best to try an alternate way. Plus, I didn't want to get smooshed, in case the train started rolling forward. Though it proved a difficult task, I managed to hop over the bars in between two carts. It was a bit dirty, but sometimes a girl's gotta get a bit dirty to get the job done. Know what I'm sayin? They should feature me on "Dirty Jobs" for sure.