Monday, April 14, 2008

April 12... 7:15 AM, UFO spotted over Nome Alaska

When karaoke plans at the local Callie's Cafe in Provo were foiled, Josh and I were at a loss for what we should do. It was late, it was the weekend, and we were in the mood to do something crazy. So, we had this fabulous idea to hike the Y. This idea really was fabulous in a lot of ways... except the weather. The view was incredible, and hike was fairly intense, but the wind was a bit chilly. Poor little Josh was shivering like a shaved chihuahua! It was positively adorable. I have never hiked the Y, and it was definitely something that needed to be done. We also had some freaky sightings of deer and count Dracula in bat form. It was quite the awesome adventure.

Also done today: We finally got to watch our classic cinematic feature: Phantom From Space. If only I could describe it in words. From an invisible naked alien donning a helmet eqipped with "tubes", a mysterious love triangle with a labratory woman (Miss, I mean Mrs. Randall), to government cars with fence rotating fence posts atop them, this movie clearly entered my list of top 10 all-time favorite movies. Oh my gosh. Awesome.