Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 22... If You Have A Sandwich, Cut That Thing In Half!

Today I celebrated my first...

Ever since I was a little kid, we've been celebrating this, but I got into it for the first time this year. I did some new things to prove my concern for the planet....

I wore my tie-dye skirt (complete with tie-dye tank top and headband and awesome brown boots to complete the outfit) for the first time.

I dyed my finger green to remind myself to love the earth.

I also did some other noteworthy things... I read the Salt Lake Tribune cover-to-cover. It took about two hours, but I learned some very important things, like preists disappearing while "lifting off" with hundreds of helium balloons. And people removing kidneys from their anuses. That one is just gross. The newspaper is awesome though, I love it.

I also donated my five dollars to my first cause on campus. It goes towards hunger in third world countries, and for every dollar I donated, the government triples it. So I really donated $15. Not that much, but I feel like I need to make my difference in the world. It is part of 30 hour famine, if any of you want to check it out, go here.