Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March 29... From Apples to Latin Dancing

Today was just one of those days that will stick in my mind forever. It started out with breakfast at Angie's, and some shopping with my roomie Ashley. It was fun, and we had a good time. But eventually she had to work. This is where the new things started. I went out on a date with Todd and Luke and Lindsey to see Jumper, which I had already seen. But on the way, I tried my first plain mushroom. It wasn't half bad, but the texture creeped me out... After the movie, we sat down and played a pleasant game of Apples to Apples- my first EVER... haha I love that game! It's really fun to describe things with adjectives... that's totally my area of expertise.

Then came the crazy part. Me and Ashley went to Club NVO (Humbly called Club Embryo) to go latin dancing. Yes, shy little me, out there shaking my hips like you wouldn't believe. And it was SO FUN. So fun. I absolutely LOVE when guys can lead. And it was definitely closer body contact, but not in a creepy way. Being in a ballroom dance, I am used to the feeling of closeness that is required to dance well, so it wasn't out of my comfort zone at all. MAN ALIVE, those boys can dance. Did I mention that they know how to lead? And it was fun to just learn for the first time, all of these dances and how to shake my booty! I don't know what it looked like, I was one of the only white girls in the place, but I tried my hardest! I did the Merengue and the Biachata (I have no idea how to spell these, sorry..), plus I met a lot of awesome people from the Dominican Republic! It's hard to tell what they're saying half of the time, but it's definitely a good time. After hours of dancing and swishing around in my red high heels, me and Ash came home exhausted at around 5 in the morning. However, we did go to church, so that was good :) What a crazy night.


Jenelle said...

Wow, your life is so exciting! Last night, I watched Dancing with the Stars then fell asleep while watching the Bachelor; and that was considered an exciting night. Enjoy it while you can because see what you have to look forward to...!