Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2... The Butler Did It!

Today's new thing was going to my first ever Mystery Murder Dinner. Yes, it was quite interesting. I couldn't really get a date until the last minute, so I asked my dear friend Bradley to accompany me. We had a blast! He is such a cool dude and I quite enjoy his insights on life and jokes about music. Here is a picture of the little dude. In the FA building, keepin' it real. Yeeeeah.

So the dinner was good. Delicious mexican food, interesting story, good company... it was quite the enjoyable dinner. The characters all had funny names like P'Elvis, Indian Cheif Passing Wind, Wyatt Hurts, Laughing Cow Disease... etc etc etc. And I totally guessed all the wrong people, because I suck at games like these! And, although we thought it would be him, the butler was innocent. Yeah, he just took our plates. But it was still fun to just put clues together and exercise the mind :) This is Abby and Scott searching frantically for the clue!

Also done today: I went inside the ROTC building on campus to meet Ray. Until today I've always wanted to go in, but never had a reason to. It's very quiet and organized and I kept making friends with the Seargeants and stuff. It was an adventure.

Here is Ray Jay Sullivan. He is in the army.... Are they allowed to be this silly in the army? I don't think so... :)


Lindzena said...

Ha ha, that was so much fun. I'm glad I got to go!